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Captain America had been hokum until he'd been baptized in fire and blood. Maybe a little Greek myth would be less blasphemous.

"You do get that you are yourself a derivative work." Or, not. "Maybe you could work harder on getting some royalties out to creators?" The starving artist motif needed to die and take its consumption with it.
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Once, she'd been flattered by Capt's attentions. But Viol had been locked away in a tower, couldn't write or see people, unless it was approved by the Captain. And, it wasn't like he kept her satisfied; once he had, but that, then, now, no. He'd stopped allowing her to grow, to change, and she realized this was no longer love.

It was property law. Viol wanted off her pedestal, recalled picnics when he'd be dressed, undressed, in civvies. It was a long time since he'd worn button flies.
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In other news, Captain Copyright was once again foiled by his  twin, Copyleft.  Copyleft stated that his tryst with Nina Paley was only made possible after she had to hire lawyers to deal with C.C.'s wicked ways.  Copyleft smuggly stated that Nina was the best he'd ever had and that Copyright didn't know what he had chased away.  Nina only had this to say, "I chose to free the film because I could see that would be most beneficial to me, my film, and culture at large."  Copyleft hopes that his relationship with Nina lasts a long, long time.
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rydra_wong told me about this comm, so this is an x-post from my DW:

The specter of Captain Copyright, superhero defender of corporate IP, made me think, as one does, that Captain Copyright's hammer is his TRO. And that Captain Copyright and Billy (with a Ph.D. in appropriation) fight for the attentions of Fanny Reeder as Dr. Transformative (with the dubious assistance of his aromatic sidekick Ben Zine) tries to join the Evil Leage of Pornographers and Plagiarists.
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Title: Lex Luthor vs. Captain Copyright
Author: Melisande
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Genre: AU
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine; I'm just playing.
Word Count: 500
Summary: See title.

Thanks to [personal profile] thefourthvine for Captain Copyright, who I think will live on in infamy.

"So, the white slavers are taken care of?"

Lex Luthor vs. Captain Copyright )
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Welcome to the Captain Copyright fan-material community! Please refer to our profile for mission statement, our few rules, our humble beginnings. I will say this straight off: I have little to no experience modding communities. I hope that people will be awesome enough that I don't need to do much, but if you've got any suggestions, questions, or issues with the way things run, please let me know.

We could also use an icon. I can't provide, but surely someone else can do the honours? Any other form of promotional art would be awesome, too.

That's it, really. I hope people take to this idea.


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