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Created on 2010-05-11 05:23:48 (#512554), last updated 2013-08-14 (214 weeks ago)

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Name:Captain Copyright Combats the Criminally Creative
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Daring Exploits of Captain Copyright, Champion of Whatever Rights You Think You Should Have
Thanks to [personal profile] thefourthvine's rant about professional writers vs people who love their work and a handy dose of backstory, one ordinary man became... CAPTAIN COPYRIGHT! Flying here and there, defending the rights of creators everywhere, Captain Copyright was once a symbol for indepently owned intellectual material everywhere. But black and white now turned to shades of grey, and suddenly the powers of copyright no longer rest solely in the hands of the creators. These are the tales of Captain Copyright and the forces of subversion he now faces. Is he still a pinnacle of moral superiority? Has he fallen into corruption? Is he simply misguided?

It's up to you. But keep in mind that by writing about him, you have become what he fears most - a fanfiction writer.

Credit where credit's due - [personal profile] thefourthvine created Captain Copyright, and [personal profile] pandarus really fleshed him out.

Don't feel you have to follow precedent, though! Feel free to interpret the legend of Captain Copyright in any manner you so choose! The insidious Ayoo is notorious for creating these alternative realities, you know.

The Rules
1. Adult material and entries longer than 300 words should go behind cut tags.
2. Thou shalt warn for triggery material.
3. Discriminatory behaviour (sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-any religion, and any other -ist or -phobic you can think of) will result in warnings and, if necessary, more drastic actions. The same goes for personal attacks.
4. The mod(s) can update the rules at any time, but will notify the rest of the community first.

(Being as this mod is very, very new at this, please do let him know if he's missing any vital information or suchlike.)
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